Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monkey Trouble

I read a strange story on the Internet today. It seems the deputy mayor of New Delhi, India died while fending off a pack of wild monkey's at his home in New Delhi. During the scuffle, he apparently fell off the deck of his home, hit his head and subsequently died from the injuries.
I know this is horrible but as I read this bit of information, I got an image of an angry spider monkey beating the stew out of this guy and it struck me funny....I told you it was horrible...but I spewed tea all over my computer monitor.
One news report said that "Devout Hindus believe monkeys are manifestations of the monkey god Hanuman, and feed them bananas and peanuts - encouraging them to frequent public places."
The city government has come under some pressure to rid the town of these panhandling anthropoids so they enlist the help of bigger and meaner monkey's. I guess they are like "pit monkey's" or something. But the langurs which are somewhat larger, apparently spank the smaller monkeys and keep them at bay.
It occurred to me that this would not be a problem where I come from. No sooner than you could say "maim that monkey", one of these good ol' boys around here would have that primate drawn and quartered and placed on a BBQ grill with a banana in his mouth.
We live in a strange world.

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