Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Gray Fox

A quick gray fox jumped across Arkedelphia Road. I know that's not the way your typing teacher taught you but it is what happened on the way home tonight. We had just left civilization up near Campbell's Airfield heading down the mountain when our lights froze the critter for a brief moment.
Sometimes it's hard to ID a small critter at night but the fox is fairly easy to spot. The color gray and the way our head lights hit this fox tonight made him look luminescent. The tail was the give-away because it was thick and bushy. They are beautiful creatures if you can ever get close enough to one to get a good look. Several years ago, I got close enough a few times to get a good look when they were eating my chickens.
I was beginning to worry about all the critters in the forest because it had gotten so dry but the recent rain helped a great deal and we are all thankful for that.
It's been a slow day here at the homefront so I'm going to sign off now.
Y'all have a great week.

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