Monday, October 29, 2007

Strange and Wonderful Place

I had a doctor's appointment to renew the script for my meds and it was such a beautiful day I decided to call in drunk. I called my boss and told him I'd like to come to work but that I was drunk and therefore it would be ill advised to drive. He said "it is a pretty day to lay sorry, so take the rest of the day off." He knows me well enough to know that I was kidding but he was serious about me taking the afternoon off. He's a great guy and he knows he'll get the work out of me the first time we have a computer go down in the middle of the night.
I spent the day writing columns, letters, and doing research for some short stories that are in the hopper. I came across an incredible magazine about the south. It's called Oxford American and the contributors are some of the best writers on the planet who write about the south. I've said it before but it is written in the pages of this publication - the south is a strange and wonderful place.
I'm not sure if I have a shot at getting published in there but I know for sure I won't get published if I don't write something and submit it.
I should know this week whether I will continue to be employed next year so y'all keep your fingers crossed. As I mentioned before, I may have to travel more than I would like but all things happen for a reason. Perhaps there are things out there I still need to see.

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  1. I was fortunate to be able to travel for my company and enjoyed seeing some wonderful areas that I probably wouldn't have been able to visit on my own. Cocktails at Marina Del Ray in CA; fried catfish in Huntsville, AL; rock crab in Miami, FL; skittles and beer in Mitcheldean, England; white asparagus in Venray, Holland. So enjoy every trip and look for something new each day.


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