Saturday, October 27, 2007

Miniature Watson Biscuit Hound

I did a lot of fixin' around the house today. My office looked like a band of Gypsies were living there. I never actually saw them but it appeared they were leaving their stuff while they were out doing what Gypsies do.
I took a truck load of stuff Goodwill and Ol' Buddy was riding shotgun. A young girl/lady was at the place unloading the stuff her family had donated and she noticed Ol' Buddy sitting in the truck. "Oh, that's the cutest little dog," Ol' Buddy would cock his head to one side and then the other like the RCA Victor dog on the commercials when I was young. "What kind of dog is he?" she asked. I hated to tell her he was just a mutt so I told her he was a Miniature Watson Biscuit Hound.....and I didn't crack a smile. She looked at me and then at Buddy and said I've never seen one like him. "He's very rare," I expounded. "I had to pay for him on the installment plan. He was smuggled in from Asia at night on a shrimp boat. I pawned my piano and my riding lawn mower for a down payment to buy him," I said. I could tell her BS detector had not gone off yet so I trudged on.
"Yes they use these dogs in Kuala Lumpur to tree spider monkeys and to find lost children. It is believed that the Buddha owned a dog just like this one ."
I was on a roll and if I had a few more minutes I think I could have sold her an option to buy the next Miniature Watson Biscuit Hound smuggled into the country, but another truck pulled in behind me to do unload their stuff and I could tell that my yarn was over.
So me and Ol' Buddy drove off into the sunset and that girl was waving as we drove away. I really hope she doesn't Google Miniature Watson Biscuit Hounds because I'd hate for her to be disappointed.

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  1. The game will be up if she googles miniature watson biscuit hound I can tell you....

    Ms Soup


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