Friday, November 23, 2007

Bad Moon Rising

I've been listing to starboard today. I'm not sure if it's the full moon or if my biorhythms are 180 degrees out but things have not gone smoothly. I've been trying to work with our piano keyboard in our Protools recording software and I've come within minutes of throwing my pc, keyboard, and computer desk out the back door. Nothing can be more frustrating than a small computer glitch.
About noon I decided to forget about the computer and focus on getting my lawnmower fixed. I hitched up the trailer, loaded the lawnmower, threw Ol' Buddy in the truck, and went looking for someone to work on it, but on the Friday after Thanksgiving, that's easier said than done.
The first place I went to, which was highly recommended, had a sign that said labor is $75 an hour. I thought to myself - crap, I work on million dollar computers and I don't make $75 an hour. So I went to a few other places in search of a mechanic that would not want my right arm. Most places were closed but I did fine one mechanic that came out and looked closely at my mower. After a long while, he scratched his chin and said, "I might be able to fix that thang, how soon would you need it back?" I made a hasty retreat and took the mower back home. I got online, ordered the part and I'll fix it myself sometime next week.
Anyhow, we had left-over turkey for supper and it was even better tonight than it was last night. I'm hitting the bed early in hopes that my stars will be better aligned tomorrow.

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