Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Miss Them Already

Today was a little sad. The folks at work that took the early retirement have to be off the payroll by December 1st and many of them had vacation left so they are leaving. Some of these folks have been around as long as I have.
I started to work in the building where I now work in the spring of 1983. I started with the phone company in January of 77 installing phones but I got surplussed and was about to be laid off when the job at the data center came open. Since I was fond of eating, I decided driving 48 miles one way was not that bad. I knew nothing about computers but I caught on quickly and realized I had a knack. Looking back it seems like only yesterday.
I've seen people come and go. Some got laid off and some quit of their own accord. One of my friends dropped dead of a heart attack a few cubes away from me.
When you spend eight our ten hours a day with people, you tend to get close to some and it is very difficult to see them go. My friend Susan who sits nearby struggled with the early retirement offer but in the end, she decided to go with the sure thing. She took the money and today we said a teary goodbye.
I know my buddies will be fine, but some of them I miss already.

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