Sunday, November 11, 2007

Into The Night

We played music until late into the night last night. During the course of the evening we solved all the problems in the music business and we were just about to start hacking away on world peace when we decided to disband.
We've met a ton of new friends this weekend. I have a sack full of CD's and business cards and a head full of ideas. There is so much work to be done. What's interesting is that a lot of what I learned this weekend dealt with marketing. What's interesting is that what I learned can easily translate into marketing not only music but also my other writing.
One very cool class was on staying with the hook. The instructor teaches at Berkley. He taught us to us a metronome when we are considering hooks to see if the words flow at different speeds. What was fascinating was the different ideas that flowed from the same hook when you sound out the hook at different tempos. I had never considered this.
I also learned that there are some very talented people in the world that are unheard. I also heard a lot of medeocre songs....songs that were written by people who have not quite learned the craft just yet. We still have a lot to learn but after listening to the pros here, we are a lot further down the road the a lot of folks.
We've made some connections with industry people that I believe can give us a boost up.
I'll end by saying this We are cranked.


  1. Sounds like all kinds of good things might come out of these past few days!!

    Ms Soup

  2. The last few days have been remarkable. We had a great time and met some very influential people. We are soooo excited.
    What are you doing these days? I'm interested to know what you are going to do when you grow up? :)


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