Monday, November 05, 2007

Bringing the Old Back to Life

During my cleaning binge last week I came across my first guitar. It was a Tesco Del Ray electric guitar that my folks bought me in 1962. The electronics were shot and it looks as thought it was used dig a basement but the old guitar is still solid and the neck is still true.
We have a friend that builds cigar box guitars and I asked him to have a look to see if he could coax the old Tesco back to life. We had lunch today at the Chipotle Grill. It's a Tex/Mex restaurant in Hoover near where I work and I had a burrito in a bowl. They start off with rice with green stuff mixed in (I think it was jalapeno peppers and something else). Next they put on black beans, steak, salsa, sour cream, cheese and other stuff. It was really good. Phillip Eggers, Steve Norris and I sat on the veranda and ate. The sun was warm but the wind was brisk. I had to anchor down my napkins with my burrito to keep them from sailing off like a kite.
After lunch Phillip took a look at the Tesco and pronounced it in pretty good shape. He thinks he can rebuild the electronics and get the neck back in shape so that it will play and sound good.
I'm excited. Phillip is a remarkable craftsman. Have a look at his website and see what you think about his cigar box guitars.

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