Friday, November 30, 2007

New laptop, hold the Vista

I ordered a new laptop last week and it arrived Tuesday. It's a very nice PC and I had them load Vista. I knew I would use the PC primarily for recording music. A laptop will make my little studio portable which opens up a lot of different opportunities.
When the unit arrived, I loaded my recording software and it immediately crashed Vista with the old Blue Screen of Death. I tried it several times to no avail.

Last night, I contacted Dell support and they began to work with me on my problem. I kept asking if I could get XP software and drivers so that I could reload the laptop to use with my recording software. The tech really didn't want that to happen. Part of his reasoning was that "XP will be going away in a few months." I had to stop him there - "here's the deal Shehnaz, I work with EDS and we have almost 130,000 employees most of which have PC's running XP. It ain't going away in a few months."
He then collected himself and after a few more minutes, I told him that if I could not get XP on the laptop that I would return it.
I thought I would be looking elsewhere for a new laptop but he said if XP would make me happy, then they would send me a new laptop with XP loaded. I told him I was very happy and also recommended that his boss double his salary. I think he was happy too.
I'm waiting to see if they stand by his decision but I'm betting they will. I am encouraged that that will replace the PC at their expense even thought the problem was not actually caused by their product.
If you are new to PC's and you do just basic stuff, I think Vista would probably be fine, but if you've invested money in software for XP, don't count on it working with Vista.

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  1. I had to get rid of a perfectly good multi-function printer when I upgraded to XP because the manufacturer wouldn't spend the money to develop a software upgrade. That's a problem many people aren't aware of when Microsoft introduces new operating systems.


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