Saturday, November 17, 2007

Synchronized Screaming

Darkness was closing in on us last night as we headed out the Lynchburg. We decided to go up early and spend the night at the Best Western in Fayetteville, Tennessee so we would be fresh for the show this morning.
We rolled in about 8:30 and unloaded our stuff. My sister-in-law and my niece decided to ride up with us and we sat in the room unwinding from the drive up. The third Overall came up early too and he brought his guitar over to our room so that we could run over our set in preparation for the show today. After practice, were sitting around sipping wine out of plastic cups when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small mouse run from the bathroom into the room where we were sitting. Steve saw the critter too and when I said did you see that mouse YEEEKKKKKEEEEEESSSS came a synchronized scream from Jilda, Pat and Jayna. Steve didn't scream but he put his feet up on the bed to keep them out of harms way. I think the girls thought we were pulling their chain but then the little mouse scurried the length of the wall and under the heating/ac unit and everyone saw it.
Again YEEEKKKKKEEEEEESSSS. It was like I was hearing it in stereo.
I got up and opened the door and raked my shoe under the unit trying to shoo the critter out the door but he was having none of that so he wheeled around and headed under the bed - YEEEKKKKKEEEEEESSSS. Jayna was the first to put her shoes and travel bag on top of the dresser. The Jilda and Pat quickly followed suit.
I obviously took advantage of the situation and employed a great deal of rat-scare tactics which won me a lot of points with the girls.
This morning when I went to get a receipt for the room I mentioned the mouse to the lady behind the desk and she instinctively looked around her chair I almost expected - YEEEKKKKKEEEEEESSSS. The cleaning lady who happened to be standing nearby said without shame or hesitation - "who's gonna clean that room today? You might as well call somebody in that can TAKE CARE of this problem - you know what I mean? Cause I ain't never going in that room again till that beast is GONE!" The inflections in her voice left no doubt that she meant business. They apologised profusely for the inconvenience but I told her it really was not a problem.
The Old Time Radio Show went well and we played to a packed room there at the BBQ Caboose.
After the show we walked around the small town square and did a little early Christmas shopping. I scored some points when I bought the girls some chocolate truffles laced with Jack Daniels.
The leaves in lower Tennessee are a few weeks ahead of the foliage here in Alabama. The color was absolutely stunning.
My niece Jayna snapped this photo of Jilda and I sitting on a bench on the square.
The first Saturday in December will be the Christmas Festival in Lynchburg and if you've never been to this little town, I recommend you do yourself a favor and make the short trip up and see just how beautiful it is there.

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