Friday, November 02, 2007

Book Stores

I love book stores. I could go in and browse for hours and I often do. I like the smell of books, and the aroma of designer coffee brewing. I like watching kids looking through the huge selection of picture and pop-up books. A book store gift card is a perfect gift for me. The only gift card that would be better would be a thousand dollar gift card to BestBuy. What I'd really like to do is walk into BestBuy one day and say "yes, I'd like one of each of these items in this area over here," gesturing towards the computer and camera areas.
Books-a-Million opened a new store yesterday in Fultondale. Fultondale is a good twenty miles from here but that still makes it the closest bookstore to Empire. I stopped by today for a few minutes to browse the selections. I picked up a Writer's Market 2008 and a book on trees. A well known writer told me as the "Writer's Today" conference that if you wanted to become a better writer, learn the names of trees and other plants in your area and instead of saying "the tree" say "the southern Bayberry tree."
I look forward to passing away many hours in my new book store.

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