Saturday, November 24, 2007

Iron Bowl

The rain and wind that blew through earlier this week stripped a lot of the color off the trees here. The big oaks and hickory which are slow to turn were spared but the maples, dogwood and sweet gum are mostly bare.
I'll need to start raking leaves when the rain stops. I'm going to put them on my garden spot to help fortify the soil for next year's planting.
Tonight's the big night for football in Alabama. It's the Iron Bowl which is the annual showdown between the University of Alabama and Auburn University. The Tide has lost five straight against Auburn and all the pundits are saying this will be the sixth, but I've got a gut feeling that will not be the case. If I'm wrong, I know all my Auburn friends will point out that I was wrong, but my gut feelings are right more times than they are wrong.
One way or the other, it should be a fun game and the winners will have bragging rights for the coming year.
UPDATE: My gut was wrong. Bama Lost :(

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