Monday, November 19, 2007


One think we learned in LA at the music conference is the need to have your music catalog organized. Jilda and I have written so many songs over the years that it's hard to keep up with them all. When I looked back at the directories of the lyrics, I came across tons of songs that I did not remember we had written. I can't remember the melodies of some of them. I'm sure I have recordings somewhere but putting all that together has been a challenge. It is my intention to remedy that this coming weekend.
Another thing I realized is that the instrumentation on most of our demos/cuts sound dated. In fact one of the critiques we got back said that very thing. So another initiative is to update the recordings and get them ready to pitch. One Taxi member we talked to last weekend told us that a big part of his success was having his stuff organized so that when movie and TV producers sent out dispatches through Taxi, he could respond quickly.
One thing I have learned is that if you want to be successful, talk to people who are having success doing what you want to do.
I also bought a lottery ticket while I was in California. A few million dollars would just about put me in a position to retire :)

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