Sunday, December 30, 2007

Accomplishments This Year - a partial list

Jilda warned me not to do it but I wrote about my goals in my column in the newspaper this week. About a half dozen people have already said they plan to weigh me next December and if I haven't lost the twenty pounds, I'll be eating an anchovy casserole. Not sure what they would taste like but it really doesn't sound pleasant.
This has been a good year, for the most part. I did lose my last aunt in January and we a dog that we have had for years. But on the positive side, I became a columnist for the local paper which was a good thing. We also visited Joe Wheeler State Park for my birthday this year and had a relaxing day hiking and enjoying the wildlife. We wrote a bunch of new songs, one of which was used in a play "The Lake".
I attended the "Writer's Today" workshop at Birmingham Southern College and learned a great deal about writing. We also had an excellent garden this year.
I celebrated a 30 year anniversary at my company and we improved our financial position over this past year. I read twenty five books and took lots of photographs.
We updated our recording software and equipment, joined Taxi and attended the Taxi Road Rally in LA.
I'm still reading back over my journal and I will probably finds some other stuff to add to my accomplishments this year but for now, I'm going to knock off and go watch the Tide play Colorado in the Independence Bowl.
Happy New Year's.

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