Friday, December 14, 2007

Buddy and the Mechanical Deer

My older sister has every kind of Christmas decoration you can imagine. She starts decorating on Thanksgiving and she barely gets through on Christmas before taking everything down.
A few days ago I dropped by to check on my mom and Ol' Buddy rode down there with me. My sister has a reindeer about 18 inches tall that's animated. When you plug it up, it moves around and turns its head back and forth. The little motor makes a slight moaning sound as the little mechanical beast moves about. Ol' Buddy was sitting obediently by my side until he noticed the deer. Before I could grab his collar he was all over that deer like cheap cologne. I snatched him up growling, snarling and snapping. I'm not sure if the mechanical moan sounded like an personal insult, or what but Ol' Buddy was not happy.
Luckily I managed to break up the altercation before the antlers came off or before Buddy got a mouth full of electrical wire. He looked up at me as we headed out the door as if the say "If you'd left we alone with that deer for a few minutes, I would have put him out of his misery, that's for sure." I have not doubt that he would have.

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