Monday, December 10, 2007


I've had a nice day today. I'm taking vacation the next few weeks so I plan to relax a little and work on some fun projects. I've got plenty to do with my book project and also with the music.
We got a dispatch from Taxi on an HBO series that needs a John Denver-like song for an upcoming episode. We didn't have anything but Sunday morning as we drank our coffee, we started kicking around ideas and came up with a nifty song. I spent the morning recording it and I sent it off for their consideration. We'll know in a week or so if it gets picked.
Both Jilda and I have learned that we do better when we have deadlines. Without a deadline, we say "hey we need to write a song or we need to practice or....." Without a deadline, these things are prime targets for procrastination. Give us a deadline and we are all over it like a cheap suit.
For all of you that are working this week, y'all don't work to hard. I plan to have a boatload of fun.

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