Sunday, December 09, 2007

Understanding Snoopy

My friend Fred came over this evening to try and give me a basic recording lesson. Some of the stuff I got but when he got to the part about signal compression and equalization it was if he were speaking in tongues. Have you ever watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? When I was listening to Fred, it was almost like listening to Snoopy. When he finished his explanation he followed up to see if I understood. "No I must have missed something," I said tentatively. "What part did you not understand," he asked. "All of it," I said. Well Fred has the patients of Job because he would break it down into terms that I could understand. "Do you understand plumbing," he asked. "Yes, I have a pretty good grasp of plumbing." And when he put it in those terms, it became crystal clear.
I spent a few hours with Fred and saved myself hundreds of dollars in therapy and I also saved what little hair I have left. This stuff is so simple once you learn to understand Snoopy.
Thanks Fred

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