Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Tree

I had a routine treadmill test today and I passed with flying colors. The worst part of this test is that they had to shave parts of my chest so they could attach the probes. Not only does it hurt like crazy when they pull them off but anyone having the misfortune of seeing me without my shirt on, now thinks I have the mange.
I decided to take vacation the rest of the day so Jilda and I loaded up in the truck and headed off to grab a bite of lunch and fetch ourselves a Christmas tree. We decided on Cracker Barrel because I have been craving Chicken and Dumplings. As always, the food and service was good at the Barrel so we paid the bill and headed towards Pine Hill Farms in Fultondale, Alabama. It is a little off the beaten path, but it is a really need little operation.
When we got out of the truck it was about 1 p.m. and even though the sky was clear as a bell and the sun was overhead, the breeze out of the north would cut you like a razor so we bundled up and wandered through the trees looking for the one that was right for us.
The rolling hills around the farm are dotted with Christmas trees of various sizes and walking through the fields on this crisp autumn day felt like we were in a move. The farm also has reindeer. The woman in the gift shop said they give weekend tours for groups of kids. I wouldn't mind acting like a kid one weekend and taking the tour myself.
There were some very nice Carolina Sapphire trees but I was not sure if these trees would live in Alabama when it gets hotter than a furnace in the summer, so we selected a 6 foot Leyland Cypress. We've had good luck with this kind of tree. They are planted in huge plastic pots and have to be dug up which was no small chore. A young worker came up with a sharp-shooter shovel and dug that puppy up and put it in the truck.
For $55 we have a very nice tree that we will enjoy for years to come.
Next weekend we will bring our new tree in, put on Windham Hill's "December" CD, mix up Jilda's special Eggnog and we'll decorate the tree. It's one of my most favorite things to do at Christmas.
I'll take a picture when it's decorated and share it with you all.

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  1. I have a skin condition called pemphagus, and the skin always tears away when they use adhesive tape. Takes a week or more to heal. I don't always remember to tell them and even when I do they go ahead despite my protests. Next time I'll come armed!

    I have yet to put up our Christmas wreath. We're not much for decorating.


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