Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cleaning

Each year we have an open house party the Sunday before Christmas Eve. So we have been cleaning all week to get the house into shape. We are fairly clean people but we let our dogs come into the house. Today while I was dusting a what-not shelf in the hall, I raked the dust-cloth under the shelf and I pulled out a dust bunny that would have been big enough to thatch a roof in Ireland.
Jilda collects old teapots and we have a high shelf in the kitchen on which most of the pots live. It was my job to dust the shelf and clean the pots. Again, when I got up there I could have planted an herb garden and a row of corn up there. We cleaned until early afternoon and we still have some work to do.
I raked five pickup loads of leaves out of the front and back yards. I hauled the leaves down and spread them over the garden so that they can rot over the winter and hopefully give the garden a boost next spring.
Our barn had leaves in the gutters that I have not cleaned in a few years. This evening I got a ladder, climbed on top and cleaned them off. It's amazing to me how letting just a few things slide can really pile up on you.
Anyhow, I'm sitting out on the side porch winding down this evening. I have a feeling it will be an early night tonight.

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