Thursday, December 13, 2007

Terror Girl Strikes Again

Terror Girl is at it again. She's not menacing the people on the left coast, but she's put wildlife here in Alabama on notice. While driving home tonight at dusk, she noticed movement to the left out of the corner of her eyes. All of a sudden, Bambi comes charging in from the south and slams into the side of the Volvo. She barely had time to hit the brakes. She said as she looked in the mirror, saw the deer flip and skitter to the side of the road but was up in the blink of an eye and bounding towards the river. I can imagine it saying "dang, I need a drink!"
She was freaked and it was dark when she got home and couldn't tell if the car was damaged or not. When I got home I pulled the truck up close so that I could inspect the vehicle for damage. Strangely enough, it looked like someone had taken a rag and wiped the grime off both doors and the back quarter panel but there was not a scratch or dent on the car. Apparently the angle of impact was such that she grazed the beast, and that spared them both a lot of pain. If Bambi had bolted an instant earlier, Terror Girl would have had and air bag and deer parts in her lap and I obviously would have changed her name to Deer Slayer.
I guess Bambi will think twice before tangling with Terror Girl.

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