Friday, December 28, 2007

An Old Friend

The sound of rain tapping the rhododendron this morning was a perfect wake-up call. We are still way down on the amount of rain that normally falls here, but it seems the pattern has changed and hopefully it will chase the drought away.
I used to hate the rain when I worked outside climbing poles. I remember one Christmas Eve in the early 80's I had to work. They would normally let us off after lunch if things were slow, but we had a ton of work orders for trim line phones. That was long before cell phones and it seemed like every kid in Walker County wanted a trim line or princess phone for Christmas. I worked late to get the last phone installed. The wind out of the north would cut like thorns and to make it worse, there was a drizzling rain steadily falling. I was soaked to the bone and the lady of the house was kind enough to make me a cup of hot coffee and build a fire in the fireplace to help warm me up. I'm guessing she got tired of hearing my teeth chatter.
But today the rain was like an old friend that you don't get to see enough. I was also thankful that we didn't have the storms the weatherman had predicted.
I'm off work until next year. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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