Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We watched "Love Actually" last night and it is a remarkable movie. It takes place at Christmas and is four or five vignettes. As the stories are told, you are taken from high to low. It takes incredible writing to create a screenplay that does this successfully. We enjoyed the movie so much that I ordered a copy for our home library. We tend to watch movies that we really like over and over. We've watched Grounghog Day no less than a dozen times. Forrest Gump, at least five times. Phenomenon and For the Love of the Game, five or six times.
I'm not the only one who watches shows time and again. My friend at work, Joe, watches reruns of Andy Griffith. Someone bought him a Mayberry Trivia Game a few years back and he remains unbeaten. They say he can quote episodes.
If anyone has seen a good movie lately I'd love to hear about it. We love adventure, love stories, drama and story movies. We don't watch violent, bloody, or scary movies. We're much too old for that.


  1. I recently saw 'Lions for Lambs' - a movie which gives you pause for thought and before that 'Outsourced' I hadn't realised how long it had been since I last saw a movie that gave me a lots of laughs, even though it had an undercurrent of seriousness.
    Ms Soup

  2. My all-time favorites are "Music Man" and "Popeye" (with Robin Williams). I like the music in both and Popeyes mutterings are a riot.


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