Wednesday, July 23, 2008

911 Part Deux

OK, this is strange. This morning I headed to work at my regular time. I take a back-road for the first twenty miles or so. This morning I took a shortcut that I have not taken in almost a year. The shortcut is....well shorter, but there is an intersection where it can be difficult to see oncoming traffic.
I got behind a young boy in a truck that looked almost exactly like mine. I was sitting at the intersection behind him and even though it was not my time to cross the intersection, I instinctively looked for oncoming traffic. I saw an SUV coming from the west at normal speed. An instant later the boy in front of me pulls out and slams into the side of the SUV. I couldn't believe it.
I jumped out of the truck and ran to check on the folks. They appeared to be OK, but I found myself dialing 911- again. I could imagine the dispatcher saying - "hey Rick, what can we do for you today?"
The drivers were hanging around in the middle of the road and I told them to move to the yard so they wouldn't be hit by speeding vehicles coming over the hill driving into the sun that was rising to the east.
I made a management decision, I grabbed my camera out of the truck and shot some photographs of the vehicles and then instructed them to move them out of the road to avoid another collision. They seemed a little reluctant, but the lady who lives in a house by the intersection had called 911 too and she confirmed with the dispatcher that it was a good idea to move the cars out of the road and wait for the sheriff. I gave them both my business card and headed to work.
How often to you call for emergency services two days in a row?

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