Friday, July 25, 2008

Eating Fresh

I took a day off today. Not for any particular reason, just because I wanted to get a jump on the weekend. After coffee, I worked in the garden before the sun came up hot.
We got an eggplant yesterday that was about the size of a tea pitcher. The jalapeƱo peppers have been baring like crazy. I also got an eight-quart basket full of peas, two cantaloupes, and a bouquet of fresh flowers.
I've had to water this past week, but this afternoon a thunderstorm popped up and gave everything a fresh drink. When I walked down to look at things this evening, it looked like the okra had grown six inches. We've been eating fresh the last few weeks.
I updated my blog template today so things will look a little differently. until I get stuff added back. The new template is supposed to provide functionality like slide shows, polls, and other neat things that might be fun.
Hope you all have a great weekend

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