Thursday, July 17, 2008

Talking Grits

And while we're talking about grits, I'm here to tell you up there in Boston, they're "agin 'em". I was up there several weeks back in the mid 90's. The first day of computer school, I went down to the lunchroom for breakfast. They had hash browns, scrambled eggs beacon and sausage, but no gravy and no grits. When I asked the cook for grits, he replied in a very thick accent "we don't have grits." He sounded like Teddy Kennedy. "WHAT!!!!" I exclaimed. "no grits!" How can you people live without grits. He mumbled something I could not decipher so I took my plate and shuffled off to my table
There were six of us from Alabama in class at the same time. The guy standing right behind me and who had overheard the conversation with the cook, prompt asked for grits. "What???, are youz guys deaf?" Each of the other guys followed suit. It drove the cook crazy.
Next morning, same routine. By about the fourth day, he located grits and cooked them up just of us. We became close to the cook over the course of the school. He was a real character and he told us all the great places to eat around the area.
Before we left for home, we all went by the lunchroom to say our goodbyes to the cook. He confessed that he had tried the grits against his better judgement and he said "they ain't bad." But I could tell that he had rather pass a kidney stone than eat one more grit.

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