Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day Two

I put in some quality yard time today. Jilda had some errands and was gone most of the morning so I cut the grass in the yard and field and around the barn. I also mowed our walking path all the way to the bluff. I stopped for a moment on the way back and picked a handful of black berries and ate them slowly as I sat on a stump and admired the sky.
The weather today was grand. I fired up the old Troy-bilt tiller and weeded the garden. I also fertilized everything. Our peas are blooming so before long, I'll be on shelling duty.
We did a little spring/summer cleaning and I loaded the bed of the truck with stuff and headed out to the dump with Ol' Buddy. He absolutely loves the dump but it drives him crazy that I won't let him out of the cab when I'm unloading. I do roll down the windows so he can lean his head out and lust after all the foul smelling things he could roll in.
This evening my nephew Haven came over with his lovely wife Alesha and we sat out on the back deck and enjoyed the evening. They had to walk down and inspect my day's work.
So, day two of my vacation was very enjoyable.

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