Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We were talking at lunch today and somehow the discussion wound around to the ingenuity of folks living the life of crime. For example, I read where people who had been busted for manufacturing crystal meth in their home got an idea - why don't we rent one of those storage units and manufacture the drugs there. I guess things were going fine until some nasty chemical came together and caused an explosion and fire that destroyed the storage facility. I'm sure they quickly realized the flaw in that plan.
The meth folks learned the hard way that people in the community take a dim view of the smell, the traffic, and the clientele at a meth house. The neighbors usually call the sheriff which tends to hamper business. It was a problem that was begging for a solution.
So folks put their heads together and developed a new method of manufacturing meth by mixing the chemicals in a two-liter coke bottle, toss it in the back of the truck and let the chemical reaction take place in the small container while they drive down to the super store for more Sudafed and Red Devil Lye (chemicals used to make meth).
So my friend Pam says, why can't someone use the same type of ingenuity to develop an engine that gets two hundred miles per gallon on say pancake batter or maybe root beer. Her suggestion gave me something to think about. What if we could harness that brain power and make it do remarkable things for mankind.

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I just bet one of Pam's ideas would sell like "Hotcakes"!

    Sorry. I'll crawl back in my hole.


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