Sunday, July 13, 2008

News Feeds

I subscribe to the Tree Hugger RSS feed. It's like a clipping service. I installed "Blogline" which is a service that collects news feeds on the topics in which you are interested.
For example I'm interested in writing, songwriting, music, photography and living green. Blogline then gives you a list of of blogs from which to choose. Unlike the email function where the news items come directly to your inbox clogging it up so that it's hard to get your email from the people you communicate with, the news items are collected by the various feeds you subscribe to.
Tree Hugger is a very prolific news collector. The stories you read on Tree Hugger run the gammut. You may see articles from automakers on new fuel efficient cars, or news from architechs designing "green" dwellings. It really is facinating. You would spend many hours searching for these tidbits.
This is a very small communter car that will get great gas mileage. It has the added advantage of looking like a cartoon. How cool is that.
Richard Horden of Horden Cherry Lee Architects, one of the designers of the Micro Compact home, has it easy compared to the others; at 2.6 meters square (8'-8") it was designed to go down any road, and he could just ship the unit to New York. "At a mere 76 square feet, this perfect cubic form packs a remarkable amount of muscle into its tiny envelope. The project is intended as a modern "machine for living," providing functioning spaces of sleeping, working/dining, cooking and hygiene for one or two people. URL: No, No, Nano: Micro Materials Could Pose Health Risks

This may be more that you signed on for this evening, but know that there is a way to stay up on the things in which you are interested.

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