Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tell 'em Rick and Jilda Sent You

We rode up to Cullman this evening to have dinner at Berkley Bob's Coffee shop. We had planned to go to Birmingham to see our friend Steve play but we were whupped. Berkley Bob's is only about 30 minutes away and we've had our eye on a Reuben sandwich that they server there.
We ordered up the sandwiches and were enjoying our tea when I overheard a young man there helping a young lady with homework. Wallace State Community College is not far from Cullman so I was betting there were students there. The young lady was asking about a beat generation writer and I asked if they studying Jack Kerouac.
We struck up a conversation with Kyle and his cousin Miranda. Kyle was an interesting young man who has traveled quite a bit. He said that he lived a year in LA but got homesick and came back to Alabama. He was there at Berkley Bob's helping his cousin with a paper.
It occurred to me as we sat that chatting with Kyle, his cousin and the waitress - I love small town coffee shops. Berkley Bob's not only has really good food and coffee, but every time we have ever been there they always make us feel at home.
If you're out and about, stop by Bob's and have a cup of Joe and tell him Rick and Jilda sent you.

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