Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome To The South

It wasn't that hot today but Arizona standards. It only hovered around 98 degrees at the airport in Birmingham but out where I live it danced with 100 for most of the day. They humidity made the consistency of the air outside not unlike a nice meringue. I'm betting mosquitoes felt like they were trapped in a spiderweb just trying to fly around to find somebody to bite.
We had yoga class tonight and the community center was like a sauna when we when in. The center has a air conditioning unit the size of a Peterbilt Tractor Trailer rig and it struggled to make it cool enough inside to sustain life.
After class I walked down to check the garden and the unmulched plants were wilted. So before I ate supper, I gave everything a nice refreshing drink of water. Hopefully it will make it until the rain that is promised tomorrow evening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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