Monday, July 07, 2008

Hurricane Bertha

The weather has gotten hot and dry all of a sudden. Yesterday it rained all around us, but the wet stuff dodged Empire. I'll probably have to do some watering if something doesn't change soon.
I noticed in the news today that Hurricane Bertha is brewing out in the Atlantic. It's too early to tell what direction she will take but usually when they come into the Gulf of Mexico, we get significant rain here.
I'd like to get some rain, but I'd hate for the folks at the beach to get beat up again this year. We have some friends who are trying to sell their house at Blue Mountain Beach, Florida. It is a beautiful place. They started trying to sell it last year but the memories of a horrific hurricane season a few years before had people gun-shy so they haven't had any luck.
This summer, the buyers have been looking again. Hopefully they can sell before things get rough down there again.
Best case scenario, Bertha blows out before causing any damage. The only side effect is a band of showers that brings up the water tables in Empire an inch or two.

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