Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The sun came out today but not before record rainfall filled the banks of Locust Fork and Mulberry Rivers. I took the high road to work this morning because there were several roads under water.
I paused a moment this morning on my way in to shoot a picture of the Mulberry at Albritton Bridge. Normally the water is twenty feet or so below the road level of the bridge. This morning it was still raining and it looked like the water would come over the bridge at any moment.
I didn't dare drive across the bridge so I backed up about fifty yards and headed on to work.
The rain has caused huge potholes to form in the secondary roads and the Interstate. I dodged one hole big enough to park a Volkswagen in.
After a quick bite of lunch, I went outside to walk around the parking lot and enjoy the sun. The wind out of the northwest was cool, but the sun was warm on my face and it felt good.

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