Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Timely Gift

Jilda and I were walking last week on one of the dreary days. We came upon this spider web on the road to the barn. I'm not sure if it will be visible on this small photo but a thin layer of mist from the fog was clinging to the silk of the web. It caught my eye and I snapped a photo with my iPhone.
There is so much going on that slips by. I call myself paying attention but I almost missed this little gift.
I started reading Wayne Dyer's new book entitled "Being in Balance."
I knew when I read the title that it would speak to me and it has.
I've let things at work start bugging me and it's showing up in my blood pressure readings.
I can't afford to let it get next to me.
My wise wife could see what was happening and gave me the book for my birthday last week.
It was a timely gift.

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