Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Mutts, No Money

I changed my mind about going to Desoto State Park today. We reserved a cabin and they are fairly isolated. When I did one last check of the website, I realized that they had a "No Pets" policy. I called to see if I could perhaps pay a deposit, or maybe even pay a little extra so that Ol' Buddy could come with us, but they said "No Pets!" is our policy. "Well then," I said "My policy is to not stay where my pup is not welcome." So not only did they lose two nights lodging (which is not cheap) but they lost at least four meals at the restaurant.
In an economy where money is tight, and travel is thin, I can't believe the State Park system would not allow pets.
Most state parks have cabins, chalets, and lodges. It's difficult for me to believe they could not have some pet friendly accommodations.
I would venture to bet that there are other people who make travel decisions based on the Pet Policies of hotels, parks and other places.
I fired off a missive to the Director of State Parks this afternoon. I'm sending it by post so that Ol' Buddy could put his paw print under my signature. He suggested a motto as a postscript -
"Not Mutts, No Money" least from the Watson household!!!!!

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