Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mama's Eatin' Habits Have Changed

My mama's taste has changed through the years. She used to eat so well but now she is like a squirrel. She stores cookies, crackers and other munchies in the pouches of her chair, on the table in a small basket and in the pockets of her robe. She's eighty four now and doesn't eat a lot so I guess she's entitled to eat what she pleases.
She has a tendency to eat the same thing day after day. She'll get on a hamburger kick and that's what she eats day after day. Mary Lois says she's been eating vegetable soup for a week now. That's what she had today along with a couple macadamia nut cookies, some Cheese Puffs and a couple cheese crackers.
She used to ride herd on us kids. We rarely ate junk food except on the day the peddler ran. We usually ate grits, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast year around. We always had a yard full of chickens so we got our eggs free. In the summer we always ate stuff out of the garden for lunch and for supper we continued the garden motif and added some kind of meat. Couple days a week we had slow chicken. We called it slow chicken because the slow chickens were the only the ones we could catch. We got to witness Natural Selection in real life because it seems those chickens got faster and faster.
I was partial to corn on the cob. If I lined all the ears of corn end to end, I'm guessing I've eaten a mile or so of corn during the course of my life. I really didn't like greens that much as a kid, but I make up for lost time now that I'm older.
Mama hasn't cooked in a long time, but she has done her share throughout her life. Right now, I would love to have a big ol' bowl of her butter-beans and a hunk of cornbread with butter dripping from the middle.

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  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    hay rick it jake I was reading your blog for mom I gess her eyes are getting old lol

    found s typographical error, chickens were the only the ones we could catch. We got to

    Just busten your chopps take it easy.


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