Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seperation Anxiety

Ol' Buddy is set in his ways. He understands that he has to stay home when we go to work, but on weekends, he expects to ride. Yesterday Jilda taught a seminar and I was supposed to spend some quality truck time with Ol' Buddy.
Unfortunately, there were problems at work that required me to be there. If I could have gotten Buddy in my backpack I would have taken him with me, but he's a bit too rotund these days so he had to stay home.
Tonight we met some friends for dinner and again Buddy had to stay home. When we got back home, both our bathrooms were a wreck. Ol' Buddy has what we call, tissue-issues. Not sure if there is a cure. I used to think he'd grow out of it, but he's older than we are in dog years, so I'm doubting he ever will.

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