Tuesday, January 27, 2009


You know what ticks me off? People who believe that turn signals are optional. You're tooling down the road listening to soothing music when all of a sudden the bottom dweller ahead comes to a screeching stop and as an afterthought flips on his blinker. Often this is only done when he happens to glance in his rear view mirror and sees approaching at a high rate of speed. I'm convinced this is only because it will play better with a jury if there is an accident.
"Yes officer, I'm not sure what happened. I put my blinker on several hundred feet down the road and this maniac comes blasting down the road and ran over me like I was a stray dog."
Another thing that is REALLY irritating is when someone is weaving through traffic, running people off the road, while chatting up a friend and trying to light a cigarette with their other free hand.
It is at these times I wish I had one of those star wars zapper thangs attached to the front of my truck. You cruse up behind someone behaving badly - Engage - ZAP ZAP ZAP, they are vaporized. The shallow end of the gene pool a little less crowded.
OK. I've said it now. I feel much better.

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