Monday, January 19, 2009


Jilda called me at work this evening and she was sooo excited. We were having snow flurries at home. When I got out the sun had set and the horizon looked like a raging forest fire. There were thick clouds gray as woodsmoke covering the sky to the north and east.
As I looked back towards the wall of dark glass in our building, I could see snowflakes swirling. The clouds began to clear a little and the snow stopped but it was fun watching while it lasted.
I know folks up north want to slap us naked and hide our clothes because of our desire to see snow. They would probably love to ship about a foot of snow from their doorsteps to Alabama. We can't help ourselves because it's something we don't see much.
I have a system down in Washington State that I'll be working on tonight so I've got to catch a few zzzz's so I won't fall asleep during the work.

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