Friday, January 16, 2009

Stay Warm

The weather channel was saying that the temps went down to 13 last night but my old trusty thermometer said 8 degrees. My truck agreed with my thermometer.
I had left my plastic water bottle in the cup holder. I picked it up to take a drink and it was frozen solid as limestone.
I headed off to work before sunrise and when I got just around the curve six deer jumped out of the road and stood watching with twitching tails as I slowly passed.
The morning was cloudless and when I topped York Mountain, I looked off toward the east and I could see six commercial jets with vapor trails. It looked like chalk on a blue board. It was a sight to behold.
The parking lot at work was almost empty but I learned that most area schools didn't open until around ten and I suspect many parents slept in until the bus came to collect their kids.
It will be cold again tonight before warming up tomorrow. Y'all stay warm.
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