Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are You A Bear?

Our great niece and nephew visited us a few weeks ago. Black, our eighty-five pound lab-mix dog greeted them warmly. He loves kids and he weighs more than both of them. Stone walked over to Jilda and said "is he a bear?" Breeze walked over, squatted down, and asked Black to his face "are you a bear." Black licked her in the face and she squealed with delight.
Ever since the kids were here, each time Black comes around we ask "are you a bear." When we do that, he wags his whole body and prances around.
The last 24 hours we had a lot of wind and it has rained more than six inches here at the Watson household. Both levels of our garden are standing in water and indeed look like ponds.
Wind out of the south took a huge buttermilk pine down between the house and the barn. Unfortunately, the tree fell on our pecan tree that we've been coddling for the past few years.
I feared the worse but when I went in with the chainsaw, and cut away the dead tree from around the pecan, I realized the young tree was bent over but not broken. It will take some time to clear out the dead tree but I can do that later.
On the way back to the house I looked over toward the garden pond and Black was in the water up to his side. He looked like he was in heaven. So if Old Black is a bear, he's a waterbear.

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