Monday, February 09, 2009

Four Rules

I'm not sure if people actually drive crazier when there's a full moon or if you just notice it more, but I saw wrecks going to and coming from work today. Even yesterday, when we drove over to Steve's house to practice I was tooling down the Interstate and happened to glance several hundred yards up the road and WHAM! Somehow a car got sideways and several cars that were following too closely were all tangled up. A few moments later they were all on their cellphones to their insurance companies. What a mess! I thought quickly and took a fast approaching exit. I then tooled over to Stevo's house the back way.
Wrecks are expensive. I know there's a lot of talk about getting money into the economy, but somehow I don't think spreading it around via lawyers, insurance companies and emergency room visits is the best avenue.
With these four simple rules, I could save you, your insurance company and this country billions of dollars this year alone and reduce the chance of an accident by about 95%.
1. Slow down - especially when it rains
2. Let someone sober drive when you're drinking or stoned
3. Don't tailgate - even if people honk their horns behind you
4. At a Yield sign, never take your eye off the driver in front of you until they pull into traffic
So there. I've said it. Rick's contribution to help with the financial crisis.

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  1. Another rule: Stay off your cellphone while driving.


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