Friday, February 13, 2009


I finished up work today around 4:30 and since I was already home I had time to do a few things around the house before dark. The wind that came through earlier in the week had blown down a dead pine in the back yard and I hadn't had a chance to cut it up and stack it in the fire pit.
So when I knocked off, I fired up the old Stihl chainsaw and made short work of the cutting. I've had Homelite and McCullough saws and they do pretty good, but my Stihl is an angry little tool.
After that I took the dogs down to the rock for a little exercise. They were soooo happy. Of course Black, the big ol' lab jumped into the pond for a quick swim and walked up the shallow, muddy end. I had to hose him off when he got back in the yard. He is an amusing dog.
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine Day.

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