Friday, February 06, 2009

New Tool

I'm doing my part to help a struggling economy. I bought a new tool. Some folks would call it a toy but I consider it the next logical step in blogging/website design and human fullfilment. It's a really small (and relatively inexpensive) video camera. It's designed to take short video clips and post them online.
I'm using it for short training sessions at work. The nature of break/fix computer problems can be complicated to say the least. You can write a document perfectly but without pictures, words can be obscure and confusing. With a three minute video, almost anyone can see exactly how the repair is done.
Another use I plan to make of the device is to film my buddy Steve playing songs in our performance set. I can then load the video on my computer and practice. Obviously practicing face to face is the best way, but we live over 50 miles away from each other and getting together once a week is difficult. There are times when we are both busy that practice once a month is a luxury. Time will tell if this little device is as useful as I think it will be.
Anyhow, attached is the first short video I did yesterday evening just for kicks. This is the first one so I'll be working out the kinks in the weeks to come

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