Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I"ve been on the slow track today. I worked late last night and I've been a sleepyhead today.
We ran out to the co-op this morning and bought some cracked corn for the chickens and some deer corn to feed our four-legged friends until spring. We saw the whole fam again the other night. A young buck, a good sized doe and a small deer jumped out in front of us while we were on the way home. We drive slowly on our road now because seeing them has become routine and they wouldn't be nearly as cute coming through our windshield.
They will have to find cover here this evening because I just got a weather alert and there is a wall of rain out near Jasper which is about fifteen miles away. You couldn't tell it by looking outside now because the sunshine is stunning. We sat in greatroom by the windows earlier and snacked on blueberry cheese and hot tea while watch what seemed like a million birds feed in the yard.
I'll be on call again tonight so I may be cranky tomorrow.

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