Friday, February 20, 2009

Road Scholar

I'm listening to a book now called "Girl With a Dragon Tattoo". It was written in Swedish and translated to English. The names are odd and a bit hard to follow at first, but I've gotten in the groove now.
It's a tale about a journalist who is hired to solve a forty year old crime. I wasn't sure I was going to like the book at first but now I'm hooked it's hard to put it down.
I was curious about how many books I've listen to. When I looked in my Audible library, I have 292 books. I listened to books on tape for years before I subscribed to Audible. I'd venture to say I've listened to somewhere around a thousand books.
Jilda doesn't like to listen to books because she says she tends to become distracted, but I have no problem staying focused. I think it makes good use of the two hour commute that would otherwise be wasted.
If you spend any time at all on the road, I recommend you give audio books a try.

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