Monday, February 23, 2009


I downloaded a new version of Google Earth last night and they have added street views even here in the country. They didn't come down our little road, but they did come up the Empire Road.
I also saw where they came through the community where I was raised. You can click on a picture and get a 360 view of the area. The old house was torn down to make way when the new road came through. I find it funny that I call it the new road even though it has been built for almost 40 years. But I digress. I clicked on the picture near when the old house once stood and did a 360 view. There are mobile homes parked on land where the old place stood, but you can still see ome of the trees which are are still standing.
Seeing the old place from space is odd. My friend Grandpappy asked me about the old Dora Train Depot a while back. I looked up the exact location on Google Map, you can still see the concrete slab on which the old building sat. Truly remarkable.

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