Thursday, March 05, 2009

Car Bling

Whatever happened to car bling? I mean the good stuff. Steering knobs, fuzzy dice, fender skirts and curb feelers?
In the day you could have a mediocre car if you had the right bling. It also helped if it would burn rubber.
I don't have a picture of my very first car. It was a 1946 Plymouth Coupe. My brother owned it before me and spent most of his net worth on a maroon metal flake paint job. He also got sheepskin seat covers, moon hubcaps, chrome tailpipes and a steering knob with a small picture of a nude woman that looked 3-D (no pun intended) if the sun hit it just right.
It looked great, but unfortunately it didn't run that well. The car spent most of the time parked in the driveway.
Neal was broke and needed some money and the bank of Mama loaned it to him. When he couldn't pay, she foreclosed on the Plymouth.
In reality, she gave he plenty of time to fork over the money but his priorities changed and so when I turned fifteen she gave me the old Plymouth as a birthday present.
I got daddy to pull me over to Cecil Kitchen's shop (the local mechanic) and he did his magic on the old coupe.
I was a hit at Dora High. The old beast was slow, but it made up for it in class and bling.

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