Sunday, March 22, 2009


We walked the dogs this evening and the dogwood blossoms are peaking out. They usually show out at Easter but the holiday is late this year.
It seems like the warmth of the last few days has kicked nature in overdrive. I saw a bumble bee as big as your thumb looking for a place in the barn to bore a nest. Once the start boring you can put your ear to the wood and it sounds like a chainsaw. Not sure how they manage but they do.
On a sad note, I have first cousins on both sides of my family that have cancer and the prognosis is not good for either of them.
Both Joe and Mickey are like brothers to me. All three of us are near the same age and we spent a great deal of time together when we were younger.
Getting older is tough. The constant aches and pains and other ailments of age I can deal with, but when friends and family get sick and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help, it's brutal.

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