Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chicken Tales

I feel like a goob and a simpleton. I thought the daylight would be earlier, but the additional daylight comes at the end of the day, not the beginning. Oh well. That will give me a little daylight after work to do a few things around the house.
I realized a few days ago that one of our bantam hens is sitting on her eggs. She only comes out every few days to eat and get water. That is one angry gallus domesticus, when he comes out. The rooster always runs over to welcome her but she flogs him mercilessly and he heads for cover. She lets everyone know that she peeved by raising a ruckus, scratching in leaves and flapping her wings. She sounds like a small helicopter with a bad rotor.
When I see her come up for food, I always hustle inside and grab her a scoop of corn and make sure there's water in her pan. She pecks the ground furiously, drinks water like shes heading into a desert for a month without water, and before you know it, she seems to disappear into thin air.
She's been sitting about a week so I've walked around to all her hiding places to see how many eggs she's on, but I have not been able to track her back to her hiding place.
Today when she came out, I had planned to watch her carefully but the phone rang and when I walked back out a short time later, she was already gone again.
I walked over to lock the gate to the back yard and I happened to look under our propane gas tank. There she was. She's the color of leaves so she's easy to miss.
I'll have a look tomorrow evening to see how many chicks we'll have coming in a few weeks.
If she has a bunch, I think we'll have a chicken sale.

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  1. Maybe you could give away real live Easter chicks instead of Easter eggs. Much better for the waistline, but I guess the kids wouldn't think it much of an idea...


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