Sunday, March 15, 2009


Jilda and I were walking today after breakfast. The rain ended just before daylight and the ground was still quite soggy but we needed to work off the biscuits we'd just inhaled. The sun broke through the clouds and although the breeze out of the west was pretty cool, it was great walking weather.
On our second trip down our walking path Jilda saw something by the side of the trail. A closer look revealed a bird nest of some kind. I think it's a hummingbird nest left over from last year, but I'm not sure. I snapped a picture with the iPhone to post on the blog.
We had practice with The Overalls this evening but none of us were very sharp. I forgot words to songs I've been doing for years and my fingers felt shorter for some reason. Some days are like that. The upside, if there was one, is that Jilda and Steve were having similar issues so no one could give the other a hard time.
After practice we had supper. For dessert Jilda made Giardelli brownies with vanilla ice cream. We had planned to practice a little longer but after supper we ran totally out of steam.
If any of you are out and about next Saturday, we are playing at Local Color in Springville, Alabama. It's a restaurant that sells art and really good food. We'll be celebrating Jilda's birthday, so y'all come.

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